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Everything you want in banking (and more).


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Convenient accounts for quick-moving money, Andi’s Spend accounts are perfect for day-to-day use. From groceries to cat food to a spontaneous taco night, these accounts make it easy to move money in and out.

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Andi Save accounts give you the rewards you deserve for saving. It’s hard work, after all. The more you save, the more interest you earn. Saving never felt so good.

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"Andi is simple to understand and I seriously appreciate the budget tracking feature. That isn't an option on my other banking apps."

- Luke R.

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Credit Cards

Andi Credit Cards are perfect for those just starting their credit journey, those looking to take their credit score to new heights, or those looking to give their credit score a comeback. Credit is complicated. The Andi Credit Card isn’t.

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Personal Loans

We all need a little support every now and then. A personal loan can help fill the gap when unexpected costs pop up. Whether your car broke down, your kid broke her arm, or you’re just a little short for tuition this year, an Andi personal loan can make all the difference.

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Why Andi?

The bottom line is that you've got to see for yourself. The Andi app is the best place to dive into better savings, better service, and a better banking experience. We designed it with you in mind. Don't be shy, check us out.

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