Debit Card, Activate!

We asked people under 30 to fill in the blank: “I would rather _______ than talk on the phone. The answers included:

  1. Eat gas station sushi.
  2. Slam my hand in a car door.
  3. Listen to the Plankton cover of “Diamonds” forever.
  4. Get patted down every time I go through airport security.
  5. Sit on a hot grill.

Bottom line: we don’t like talking on the phone. Especially to strangers. With the Andi app, you don’t have to. Not even to set your debit card.

When your shiny new card comes in the mail, just log into the app and go to your Spend account.

Choose See Card, then click Activate Physical Card at the bottom.

Follow the yellow brick road...I mean...the on-screen instructions to activate your card and bam!

You’re ready to start spending. Try not to get carried away with the sheer relief of not having to call a 1-800 number.