There are lots of reasons we overspend. Maybe your money (or lack of it) is out of sight, out of mind. Maybe you’re a pro at justifying that extra $20 to get free shipping (you’re basically saving money!). Maybe you’ve experienced a good, old-fashioned unexpected expense.

It’s hard to decide on the fly if you can afford something or not. And it’s not like you have time to bust out the calculator app when you’re in the drive-thru.

But you do have time to use the only app you need: Andi. Even better: you only have to press one button.

At the bottom of your home screen, you’ll find Can I afford it?

This handy dandy button takes you to a big picture view of your Wish List. From here, you can quickly move money in and out or change where your next paycheck will go (hint: It’s Treat Yo Self).

You’ll have your money moved and organized before you can say, “One large fry, please.”

Because your life moves fast. With the Andi app, your money can move with you.