All Your Accounts in One Place

There’s an app for everything, right? Maybe there doesn’t have to be. Maybe we just need one app that does it all.

Our app can’t do everything, but it does let you see all your financial accounts at the same time.

No more jumping from your bank app to your credit card app to your investments app (and maybe your student loans app, too). There’s an app—one app—for all of that. The Andi app.

Seeing all your accounts in one place kind of makes you the god of your money. You can see all the little pieces moving. You can even move them wherever you want. Feel the power.

Here’s how to get it all set up.

From the app home screen, select All Accounts.

Click on Add Existing Accounts to get the ball rolling.

Follow the instructions on-screen to connect your other financial accounts. It’s easy, we promise.

You’re all set. Now you can see how the sausage money is made. Or, really, how it moves around. Enjoy your all-seeing abilities.