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It's a new day in banking

Smart banking isn’t just for the elite few. It’s for the rest of us, too. Here’s to fresh starts.

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No banking folder required

One app to rule them all

Declutter your home page and your finances all at once. No more juggling accounts and flipping through platforms. Just one, easy-peasy (dare we say, beautiful?) app.

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There’s no bad or ugly

The Good(s)

Bye-bye Fees

Why should you have to pay to use your own money? Here, there are no monthly fees, no transfer fees, no overdraft fees. No fees with weird names that don’t even sound real. None.

Free Debit Card

Everybody likes free stuff. Sadly, we can’t give you free money. But we can give you a card for free so you can start spending. Bonus: you don’t even have to call anyone to activate it on the app.

Automatically save for your goals

The hardest part of saving is setting the money aside. With the Andi app, you don’t have to. Our auto-save feature makes saving so easy, you don’t even have to think about.

See your entire financial picture in one place

Gone are the days when you had to shuffle through separate accounts for your savings accounts, checking accounts, IRA, HSA, and credit cards. See all your accounts at once so that you can see the whole picture, no math required.

Bryana Bazile

"Andi is super easy and a better way to track my finances, plus I get amazing benefits!"

- Bryana B.

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Holy benefits, people!

Even More Features

Over 40,000 No-Fee ATMs

When you need cash, you should be able to visit the closest ATM, not the one 10 miles away that your bank doesn’t charge fees for. With over 40,000 ATMs, chances are you’re super close to immediate cash money.

Get Paid Early

The early bird gets the worm cash. You shouldn’t have to wait for your bank when you get paid. We make sure your paycheck hits your account as soon as possible.

Earn Rewards

You get a deal! And you get a deal! When you use the Andi app, you’ll get discounts on everything from groceries to gas to your weekly iced coffee.

Manage Your Credit

Credit is confusing. Half the time, you can’t even check your score without affecting it. On the Andi app, you not only keep tabs on your credit score but get helpful hints on raising and building it.

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Get smart(er)

You’re not bad with money. You just need the right tools.

The Andi app can help you save smarter, spend smarter, and make better financial decisions. Plus, it’s fun. It’s a win-win.